Officiating your platonic wedding

Officiating your platonic wedding

When I officiate a wedding, part of what I want to do is tell a story, because stories are central to the human experience. Our brains are organized around stories, and your wedding guests are there because this is part of your story.

For many of my clients, that story is a love story, but that’s not the only option. A wedding does not require romantic love, and there are many benefits that are only available to legally married couples. Platonic weddings are a cromulent way to join two lives, and those are stories that are just as interesting to tell.

Thanks to the current legal landscape in the United States, gender is not a barrier; any two consenting adults can be married. Health benefits, tax breaks, real estate ownership schemes, and many other rights are available to married couples that wouldn’t be available to adults who just happen to share a home.

It’s true that some couples choose to downplay the platonic nature of their relationship; that’s a personal choice. Others do want a custom ceremony that celebrates their friendship, and their love. Many of the typical wedding vows might not feel right in these cases, but that’s the advantage of hiring an officiant with years of experience interviewing people and telling their stories.

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