Terence P Ward

Wedding officiant

nontraditional ceremonies
eternal memories

are you ready to join your hands, and your lives?

A wedding is a ceremony for proclaiming a special, lasting commitment in front of your chosen community. There are as many different ways to show this joining of lives as there are people making this decision in the first place! The particular rituals that get included in a ceremony can be drawn from family and cultural traditions, from what friends have done, or what catches your eye when you’re scrolling through pinterest.  What’s important is that the ceremony is meaningful to you and the people you’ve asked to bear witness.

If you are seeking legal recognition of your relationship, I am empowered to sign those documents.

If you desire a ceremony for declaring your love or commitment before other people you hold dear, I am able to solemnize or celebrate the beginning of your new chapter together.

If you’re looking for a bit of ritual or ceremony that both complies with the law and reflects what’s important to you and your family, I am ready to help.

My background includes decades of capturing the stories of others as a journalist and writer, and finding the threads that bind them together. It also includes a personal spiritual journey that is still unfolding. Through deep listening, I bring to bear my experience and experiences to help you create the story of this special day.

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