About Me

Hi! I’m Terence

Wedding officiant and agent of joy

Weddings should be part magic and part joy.

I am a minister ordained through the Church of the Sacred Earth, but at the time of my ordination performing weddings were the furthest idea from my mind. In 2021, my stepchild and fiance asked me to officiate their wedding, which had transformed from a more traditional ceremony with reception into a surprise elopement because they wanted to move up the marriage for tax reasons. The following year I was asked to officiate at my best friend’s wedding, which is when I finally realized that I was being called to this work. and that began my journey into this ritual, which is fully customized with every detail curated for each couple.

First and foremost I am a writer and editor who infuses the craft of writing into everything I do. Trained as a journalist, I have mastered the art of interview through conversation. I pride myself on being able to find the thread of the story running through the lives of the people I write about, and when that story includes a wedding or other joining ceremony it’s my privilege to let the love shine through. I hope you have ideas about what you want from this magical ceremony, and I am honored to be entrusted with lifting up whatever you consider most important for this special day. The ceremony I write for you is customized to align with your values and dreams; my goal is to facilitate what is in your hearts and step out of the way.

While I am empowered to sign wedding licenses, what makes this ceremony sacred has nothing to do with paperwork and everything to do with the decision to join your lives together. I center this magical moment on those who are joining together, ensuring that you and all of your guests are grounded, fully present, and open to the love that is on display. This is your story, and while I will help to tell it, it comes from your hearts.


I am grounded in my own spiritual path, but I am familiar with a wide variety of cultural wedding practices and traditions that you may wish to incorporate into this ceremony. There are specific sacred acts I am not trained to perform, such as the Christian eucharist, but I really enjoy handfastings, along with unity ceremonies that weave in fire, earth, air, and water. A cornerstone of my personal practice is sacred listening, which helps me discover what isn’t always said with words. That’s how I ensure that your voices, your hearts are what come through in your ceremony. Any items created on this day capture the energy of your promises, your love for each other, and the loving support of everyone you have asked to bear witness.

I do not discriminate, and no matter the dynamics of your family and your relationship, it will be my honor to facilitate this important moment.  While not every relationship fits into the legal definition of marriage, any ceremony can be solemnized.  Love is love, and I will help you celebrate your love if that is your desire.  On the other hand, not every marriage decision is based on love, and that’s okay too!  It’s not my place to judge your reasons, no matter what form your consensual relationship takes.

My role as your officiant is to weave together my mastery of words as a writer and editor with your knowledge of and love for each other. With my help, your wedding ceremony shall be a unique moment in your lives: joyful, exuberant, loving, and calm. It will speak to what’s important to those who are being joined, as well as those invited to attend this joyous event. I am there for this important chapter, but this is your story.

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